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Griffo Botanicals is a family business located in Petaluma, CA. Surrounded by farms, we have learned to live locally, to live with the seasons, to grow our food. As we have become accustomed to this way of life, the "herbs" that I, as a practitioner, use have become foreign. Where is the texture, the taste and the aroma that come from plants grown in healthy soil? I often look at the little black pills and wonder how these were once plants at all; or how the powders we use, sweet and bland, are said to contain the essence of herbs.

This is why I began making herbs. First for my patients, and now for you.

It begins with sourcing the best herbs. We do not use left overs, dregs or powders. We use only top quality whole herbs that are sourced locally whenever possible. All of our herbs are tested to the highest standards to ensure purity.

We grind the herbs to uniform size before they are run through our unique extraction process. Our closed loop system gently warms the herbs and solvent and pushes the solution through the herbs, taking all of their essence with it. Nothing is lost in the process and nothing is left behind. Our process creates a pure concentrated extract that is easy to take, economical, and clean.

And we do it all from beginning to end. Whether it is writing formulas, planting herbs, measuring alcohol content or welding new equipment, we do all the work. We love everything from the rawness of working the land, to the unerring precision of extraction, to the shine of the stainless steel equipment in the lab. Our commitment to the connection between the land, the herbs and your health goes far beyond buying good herbs. When you buy Griffo Botanicals you know exactly who made your herbs, where they came from, and exactly what is in the bottle.