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As Acupuncturists, we face many challenges in our daily practices.  Foremost for me, was how to procure the best possible quality herbs and how to get them into my patients.  It is a multifaceted problem with obstacles at every turn.  I tried whole herbs, pills, powders, capsules, tinctures and teas.   I eventually decided making custom tinctures was most effective and convenient for my patients.  Over the years, as my tinctures improved, I became more obsessed with quality.  After ten years of refining the extraction techniques, we now have a line of fluid extracts that are uncompromising in quality, convenience and efficacy.





Our labeling leaves space for you to write your recommended dosage and directions right on our label.  When prescribing for patients, I usually find myself writing over the existing label or putting another label over the existing one to override the minuscule dosage recommendations found on so many bottles.  That is no longer necessary.  Put your recommended dosage on the dedicated line and put your directions on the colored flag on back.



At Griffo Botanicals we pride ourselves on producing the best quality extracts there are.  We start with the finest food-grade herbs available, using as many certified organic herbs as possible.  All of our herbs are tested for over 250 different contaminants including heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other bacterial contaminants.  Only when they pass this premium standard, will we use them.  


Delivering an effective dose of herbs to our patients is an ongoing problem with Chinese herbs.  The quantity of pills, or powder, boiling raw herbs or taking large doses of tinctures can be untenable for many patients.  This is why we strive to produce the most concentrated extracts so you, the practitioner, can easily deliver an effective dose to your patients.  See the graph below for a comparison of our concentration levels and that of our competitors.



Dose Range Bottle Size Bottle Supply
Acute 4-6 tsp/day
100ml - 3.5oz
3.3-5 days
4-6 tsp/day
60ml - 2oz
2-3 days
1-2 tsp/day
100ml - 3.5oz
10-20 days
1-2 tsp/day
60ml - 2oz
6-12 days