Heplene 60ml


Chai Hu Shu Gan San
Bupleurum Powder to Spread Liver Qi

Product Name
The name Heplene is derived from the Latin word "Hepatis", meaning "liver", the latin word "lene" meaning "to soften, smooth, or calm". This aptly describes this formula's ability to moderate and calm Liver qi.

This is the classic Chai Hu Shu Gan San.  Bai Shao, Chai Hu, Chen Pi, Chuan Xiong, Xiang Fu, Zhi Shi, Gan Cao,   

Peony root, Bupleurum root, Tangerine peel, Ligusticum root, Cyperus rhizome, Unripe Bitter Orange, Licorice fruit

Chinese Medicine
Spreads liver qi, promotes circulation, relieves pain.

Dosing Recommendations
This tincture can be administered at any time. A standard dose is 1 tsp 2x/day. In acute cases, dosage may be increased up to 2 tsp 2x/day. In chronic cases, the dose may be reduced to 1 tsp 1x/day.

Caution for those with deficiency patterns.

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