Contract / White Label

We know  many who feel the same way we do. We want top quality professional products for our patients. We don't want to cut corners when it comes to efficacy and we want a product line that reflects our own esthetic.


Enter "white label production" - where you can have your own branded line of products to offer your patients.   

Advantages to White Labeling
     1.  Having your own line of products adds to your credibility with your patients
     2.  Offering high-quality herbs is beneficial to your patients and to the bottom line of your practice.  
     3.  White labeling gets someone else to do the work to produce the formulas you want. Leaving you the time and energy to focus on your core             competency - your patients. 
Advantages to White Labeling with Griffo
     1.  Highest concentration tinctures available
     2.  Only the best herbs are used for extraction
     3.  A unique closed-loop extraction process creates a high potency extract without losing anything in the process. 
     4.  Several bottle choices to choose from
     5.  Very low minimums
     6.  Custom formulations
Griffo White Labeling Guidelines for Extracts
We can:
     1.  White label our formulas for you
     2.  Extract any formula you want
     3.  Extract to any concentration you want
     4.  Help design formulas for your specific patient base
     5.  Help design your labels
     6.  Use your bottles or ours
     7.  Make batches from 250 2oz bottles and up
We can also white-label/contract creams, lotions, salves and Teas.



We make almost any formula you want

Extract it, bottle it, cap it, label it, box it

Minimum Order Quantity = 250/SKU

Supply your own Labels


Order 250 for $12 each

Order 500 for $10 each

Order 1000 for $8 each

Order 2500 for $7 each

Order 5000 for $6 each


Some exceptions apply, Shipping is extra



Want some herbs ground up?

Have a specific particle size or blend you want made?

We can grind to almost any specification 


We will order herbs for you or receive yours,

verify identity, grind them to your specificication, double bag them,

box and ship to your location.


For most grinding projects we charge the following:

         Setup Fee                        $180

           Coarse Grinding            $4/lb

           Fine Grinding                 $6/lb


Blending herbs will sometimes add $0.50/lb.  Varies by project.

Packaging into quantities less than 20lbs also adds $0.50/lb