Acupuncture is the practice of inserting fine needles into the skin at specific points to treat disease and relieve pain

Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine can be a safe and gentle way to treat illness, pain and trauma.  Often without negative side-effects.


Cupping traditionally uses heated glass jars to relieve pain, swelling, and trauma.

Medical Advocacy

Helps patients navigate the medical system by educating them on what to expect from doctors, tests, and treatments.

Driven by a passion for acupuncture, Frank Griffo has dedicated his career to empowering patients and practitioners alike. Since 2005, he's honed his skills in private practice and through collaborations with institutions like The Pine Street Clinic, POST Wellness, CPMC and Doctor's Hospital. His expertise extends beyond the clinic walls, serving as a Subject Matter Expert for the California Acupuncture Board and legal matters involving Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Frank's commitment to quality goes beyond needles. Frustrated by limited herbal options, he embarked on a personal mission in 2009, crafting his own potent extracts. This pursuit blossomed into Griffo Botanicals, his acclaimed line of tinctures, now nourishing patients across 38 states and three countries.


Frank's journey began with a BA in Comparative Religion from UC Berkeley, followed by an MS in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Seeking mastery, he spent seven years under the tutelage of Master Dr. Ou, immersing himself in advanced acupuncture techniques.


Today, when not empowering patients or crafting potent remedies, you'll find Frank in Petaluma, CA, surrounded by his wife, children, loyal dog, a menagerie of chickens and koi, and the bounty of his own garden and orchard.