Our Values

Rooted in Petaluma, Cultivating Harmony

Griffo Botanicals isn't just a family business in Petaluma, California.

It's a story of living, growing, and learning in harmony with the land and each other. Nestled amidst fertile farms, our family legacy is one of seasonal rhythms, homegrown nourishment, and a deep respect for nature's bounty.


As we tend our gardens, harvest herbs, and craft potent tinctures, these very principles infuse our work. They guide our hands in meticulous extraction, inspire our blending of ancient Chinese formulas with local ingenuity, and fuel our commitment to ethically sourced ingredients.


But Griffo Botanicals is more than just our family. It's a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of dedicated employees, trusted farmers, supportive suppliers, inquisitive students, and, of course, our valued customers. Each connection we nurture – every shared harvest, every insightful conversation, every moment of healing witnessed – becomes a vital seed planted in the fertile ground of our community.


In every bottle of Griffo Botanicals, you'll find more than potent herbal formulas. You'll taste the dedication to quality, sustainability, and harmony that goes beyond the label – a story of family, nature, and community, meticulously poured into every drop.