Best Quality Herbs
We use only food-grade herbs. No leftovers, no dregs, no dust.  Only whole, wholesome herbs that retain all the taste and aroma they are meant to have.
Part of country living is growing your food.  While we grow a lot of our own food, we also love to grow our own herbs.  Zi Su Ye, Elderberry, Huo Xiang, Su Zi, Jin Yin Hua, He Huan Hua, Ling Zhi, Gou Qi Zi, and "the mulberries" Sang Bai Pi, Sang Ye, Sang Zhi, Sang Ji Sheng, Sang Shen are some of the herbs we are growing right now. 
What we don't grow, we get from Spring Wind. 
Do they cost more than other sources?  You bet!
But they are well worth it. In our exhaustive search for the best source for each herb, Spring Wind has won - hands down - every time. 
Our herbs are subject to the most stringent testing available.  The herbs are tested for pesticides, herbicides, fungus, spores, mold, and heavy metals.  
Our Extracts only have 3 main ingredients: herbs, distilled water, and alcohol. That's it. No fillers, no preservatives and no glycerine.
 We use only locally produced grape spirits. 
We live in wine country, How could we use anything else?  Our alcohol starts at 170-190 proof and has 0ppm Total dissolved solids.
We use highly filtered water.  Our filtration system utilizes carbon block and deionization to produce water with less than 10ppm total dissolved solids
We include honey in some formulas.  Honey helps mitigate the bitterness of some herbs, and emulsifies the high amount of solids in our extracts to keep them in solution.  
Acacia Vera is a tree from West Africa where local villagers harvest the hardened sap produced by the tree.  This sap, called gum acacia, has three wonderful attributes in our extracts.  1.  It acts as a prebiotic: supporting the microbiome and intestinal lining of the digestive tract.  2.  It helps keep the solids in suspension.  3.  It helps reduce the sensation of alcohol in the extract to help it go down more smoothly.