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Derma Leaf

Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin
Five Ingredient to Eliminate Toxins


Blistering heat plaguing your skin? Dermaleaf cools from within, extinguishes fire toxins, clears superficial heat and blood heat, clearing rashes, calming itching, and redness. We like to use it for anything that is red, bumpy and itchy.


Gong Yin, Ye Ju Hua, Fang Feng, Chi Shao, Zhi Zi, Sheng Di, Huang Lian, Mu Tong, Da Huang

Honeysuckle Flower, Forsythia Fruit, Dandelion, Chrysanthemum Flower, Siler Root, Red Peony Root, Gardenia Fruit, Fresh Rehmannia Root, Coptis Rhizome, Akebia