Grace and Ease

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Grace and Ease

Jia Wei Xiao Yao San
Free and Easy Plus


This is our version of Jia Wei Xiao Yao San, created from over a decade of clinical experience. Added are herbs to further cool the blood, move qi, regulate hormones.

Chai Hu, Bai Shao, Bai Zhu, Fu Ling, Dang Gui, Gan Cao, Zhi Zi, Mu Dan Pi, Dan Shen, Yi Mu Cao, Xiang Fu, Sheng Di Huang

Bupleurum root, Peony root, Atractylodes rhizome, Poria, Angelica root, Licorice root, Gardenia fruit, Moutan root bark, Salvia root, Motherwort herb, Cyperus rhizome, Rehmannia root

Other Ingredients: Water, Ethanol, Acacia Vera, Honey

Chinese Medicine
Spreads Liver qi, strengthens the spleen, nourishes blood, clears heat.

Dosing Recommendations
This tincture can be administered at any time. A standard dose is 1 tsp 2x/day. In acute cases, dosage may be increased up to 2 tsp 2x/day. In chronic cases, the dose may be reduced to 1 tsp 1x/day.

Use caution during pregnancy, and for those with qi deficiency or cold syndromes.