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Tong Xie Yao Fang
Formula for Painful Diarrhea


Harmonia unties the tension causing Liver-Spleen disharmony - that stress knotting the gut. This formula soothes stress-driven digestion, easing bloating, indigestion, and worries. Our added herbs enhance its efficacy by further soothing the liver, and supporting proper digestion.


Bai Shao, Bai Zhu, Chen Pi, Fang Feng, Fu Ling, Mu Xiang, Shan Zha, Shen Qu, Xiang Fu, Zhi Ke, Gan Cao

Peony Root, Atractylodes Rhizome,Tangerine Peel, Siler Root, Poria, Aucklandia Root, Hawthorn Fruit, Medicated Leaven, Cyperus Rhizome, Bitter Orange Fruit, Licorice Root