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Gua Lou Zhi Shi Tang
Trichosanthis Fruit and Bitter Orange Decoction


Purposefully modified, it efficiently disperses phlegm and alleviates stagnation, providing relief from coughs, wheezing, and chest tightness. Specifically crafted to tackle stubborn, sticky phlegm, Pneuma is your solution for restoring respiratory comfort and promoting overall well-being.

Gua Lou Shi, Chen Pi, Fu Ling, Huang Qin, Jie Geng, Sang Bai Pi, Su Zi, Zhe Bei Mu, Zhi Shi, Zhi Zi, Gan Cao, Mu Xiang, Sha Ren

Trichosanthes Fruit, Tangerine Peel, Poria, Skullcap Root, Platycodon Root, Mulberry Root Bark, Perilla Seed, Fritillaria Bulb, Unripe Bitter Orange, Gardenia Fruit, Licorice Root, Aucklandia Root, Cardamom Fruit