Gan Mao

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Gan Mao

Gan Mao Ling+ Yin Qiao San
Gan Mao Ling Plus Lonicera and Forsythia Formula



Gan Mao is a modern adaptation of a classic formula. This targeted blend empowers early intervention, acting as a first line of defense before symptoms escalate. Ideal for the initial stages of colds or flu, Gan Mao tackles wind-heat by releasing the exterior to dispel invaders, clearing heat to prevent internal disruptions, and drying dampness to promote internal clarity. Our unique formula incorporates select herbs from Yin Qiao San, amplifying its heat-clearing and exterior-releasing abilities.

Ban Lan Gen, Gang Mei Gen, Jin Yin Hua, Lian Qiao, San Cha Ku, Ye Ju Hua, Huang Qin, Jie Geng, Niu Bang Zi, Bo He 

Isatis Root, Llex Lonicera, Forsythia Fruit, Evodia Fruit, Chrysanthemum Flower, Skullcap Root, Platycodon, Burdock Fruit, Mentha