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Gan Mai Da Zao Jiu
Licorice, Wheat and Jujube Extract




Ye Jiao Teng Polygonum Vine 28%
Da Zao Jujube 18%
Xiao Mai Wheat 18%
Fu Shen Poria 12%
Gan Cao Licorice root 12%
He Huan Pi Mimosa Tree Bark 12%

Chinese Medicine
Nourishes the Heart, Calms the Spirit, Relaxes tension, Relieves Irritability, Promotes Sleep

Dosing Recommendations
This tincture can be administered at any time. A standard dose is 1 tsp 2x/day for mild symptoms. In acute cases, dosage may be increased up to 2 tsp 3x/day, then reduced as the formula takes effect.