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Yu Ping Feng Cang Er Zi San
Jade Screen and Xanthium


AllerFree offers natural support for seasonal allergies. This synergistic combination combines the strengths of Yu Ping Feng San and Cang Er Zi San to address the root causes of discomfort. Yu Ping Feng San, known as “Jade Screen,” fortifies your Wei Qi, the body’s natural defense system. Cang Er Zi San, with its “clear and ascend” properties, targets dampness and heat that often contribute to allergy symptoms. AllerFree goes beyond temporary relief. By addressing the underlying imbalances, it can help reduce the frequency and severity of allergy attacks, promoting long-term comfort and well-being. For off season support we often recommend patients try BaseCamp to build the immune system throughout the year.


Cang Er Zi, Chi Shao, Fang Feng, Huang Qin, Huo Xiang, Lian Qiao, Xin Yi Hua, Jing Jie

Astragalus Root, Angelica Root, Atractylodes Rhizome, Xanthium Fruit, Red Peony Root, Siler Root, Skullcap Root, Agastache Leaf, Forsythia, Magnolia Flower, Schizonepeta