Herbal Production Assistant

Part-time, flexible hours

Petaluma, CA

This position involves many different responsibilities in our lab such as:

- Herb identification
- Grinding and weighing herbs
- Extraction
- Formula production
- Bottling/Tea Packing
- Organizing and cleaning a meticulous work area
- Filling custom prescriptions
- Answering customer questions
- Possible growth to full-time hours


Bottling Day Assistant

Occasional, Opt-In

Petaluma, CA

Every few Fridays we have a bottling day.  We throw on some tunes, order in some lunch and chat away while we crank out hundreds or thousands of bottles.  It's usually pretty fun and a nice way to see what we do, make a little extra cash and take home some free product.  

We have a list that we text a few days before to see who wants to come.  Let us know if you want to be added to the list. Email your name and phone number to