Warmth Tea

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Warmth Tea

Ginger Gao Liang Jiang Jiang Huang Chuan Jiao

Crafted with three potent herbs from the ginger family and Sichuan pepper, it warms from within, enveloping your body in soothing comfort while strengthening digestion and circulation.

Ginger, Gao Liang Jiang, Jiang Huang, Chuan Jiao

Ginger, Galanga Rhizome, Turmeric Rhizome, Sichuan Pepper


TEA  - (each bag can be steeped three times with this method)

    • Pour 8oz boiling water over tea bag
    • Steep 6 minutes or more
    • Enjoy

STRONG TEA - (each bag can be used one time with this method)

    • Place one bag in pot with 12oz water
    • Bring to a boil
    • Simmer until 6oz remain
    • Enjoy


    • Simmer 2-3 bags in 8 cups liquid for 30 minutes or more